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Quality Control Policy

Quality Control Policy

Toshiba Lighting & Technology adheres to Toshiba Group Quality Control Policy in providing our customers with safe and dependable products, systems, and services, and is committed to continually improving their quality from our customers' points of view. By increasing our sensitivity to potential risks and dealing with them promptly, we strive to eliminate product-related incidents and provide unrivaled customer satisfaction.

  • We engage in quality assurance from customers' points of view.

  • We observe relevant laws and contracts and respect the rights of customers and third parties.

  • We maintain a quality management system and continually improve the quality of our products, systems, and services to ensure their safety and dependability when installed and in use.

  • We ensure that all our employees in all departments, including manufacturing, sales, engineering, quality assurance, and back-office departments, follow this Quality Control Policy.

  • We take customers' complaints seriously and investigate the root causes of process failures in order to improve the quality of our products.

We are certified with ISO 9001 and IATF 16949.

Toshiba Lighting & Technology is certified with the ISO 9001 international standard for quality management system and applies it in the development, manufacture, and sales of our products.

ISO 9001


(Certificate No.: QC10J0060)

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IATF 16949

Toshiba Lighting & Technology's Imabari Facility is certified with the IATF 16949 standard, which supplements the ISO 9001 standard with additional requirements specific for the automotive industry, and applies it in the development and manufacture of our products.


(Certificate No.: 0323754)

R&D Center (JNLA accredited testing laboratory)

Toshiba Lighting & Technology has a JNLA accredited testing laboratory.

Toshiba Lighting & Technology's R&D Center is a testing laboratory accredited by the Japan National Laboratory Accreditation System (JNLA)* with the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 (JIS Q 17025:2005) standard for the testing of colors of light sources and the testing of electrical properties of luminaries (Laboratory code: JNLA 120336JP).

With JNLA accreditation, our R&D Center is authorized to issue test certificates with a JNLA symbol on them for photometric tests of straight-tube LED lamps and other LED lighting equipment on total luminous flux, light color, and color rendering using an integrating sphere, photometric tests of general-purpose light sources on total luminous flux, light color, and color rendering, and the measurement of luminous flux and light distribution characteristics of lighting equipment, within the accredited scope of testing colors of light sources and electrical properties of luminaries.

Our R&D Center became the first JNLA accredited testing laboratory in Japan on January 21, 2014, for measuring the light distribution characteristics of lighting equipment.

JNLA Accreditation


JNLA登録証 別紙

*Japan National Laboratory Accreditation System (JNLA)
JNLA is a testing laboratory accreditation system operated by the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation, based on the Industrial Standardization Act of Japan (formerly called the Japanese Industrial Standards Act).
JNLA assesses and accredits a testing laboratory for conformance with the requirements for a testing laboratory established by the International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission (ISO/IEC 17025 standards).
An assessment for accreditation examines a testing laboratory upon request as to whether its quality management system as well as its testing facility and equipment are appropriate for conducting a specific JIS test and whether its quality management system is operated as required, based on a document review, an on-site assessment, and proficiency testing.

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