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Looking Forward to Renovating the Cour Carree and the Hall Napoleon. Architecture, Museography, and Technical Department, the Louvre Museum Jean-Louis Bellec
photo of Jean-Louis BELLEC

I can’t forget how surprised I was when I saw the “Mona Lisa” illuminated with the new Toshiba LED lights. Details in the painting that I had never seen before were in clear view right in front of my eyes. It was a very moving moment. I was also very strongly impressed by how uniform the lighting is in the Red Rooms. These rooms finally have great lighting that befits the masterpieces which are on display.

The staff in the Architectural, Museography, and Technical Department hoped that this lighting renovation project being implemented with Toshiba LED lights would provide beautiful colour rendering, reduce power consumption and simplify maintenance. The long life of LED lights made by Toshiba was also one of the determining factors. The tremendous passion that Toshiba showed during this project achieved lighting results that far exceeded our expectations. Toshiba did a fantastic job in incorporating our desire to enhance the presentation of our works of art, and also effectively responded to the technical needs of our facilities.

We look forward to utilizing this experience during the lighting renovation work that is scheduled for the Cour Carree and the Napoleon Hall. We want to have the lighting fixtures in the Cour Carree be an inconspicuous as possible, but also wish to highlight the architectural features. In the Napoleon Hall, we are confident that lighting ambiance that meets the standards of the Louvre Museum can be achieved. Power consumption will be reduced for all lights, and it will be possible to remotely control the parameters.

Joining hands with Toshiba in this project resulted in a continuous series of discoveries for me. I had some concerns when the project first started, but they were all eliminated by the professionalism exhibited by Toshiba. The outstanding communication abilities, technological expertise, certainty of work and the huge amount of time spent by everyone at Toshiba during this project deserve great praise. We had quite a few meetings, which always took place in a very congenial atmosphere. Discussions were very constructive, and you could feel the strong desire of all the people involved to make this project a success. The cooperative relationship that was formed during this lighting renovation project has resulted in a big success. We hope to utilize the experience gained during this project to deepen our partnership with Toshiba in the future.

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