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The holistic and faithful way in which Toshiba engineers approached the unique constraints that applied to the Louvre Museum work were indeed praiseworthy. Head of Mécénat, the Louvre Museum. Christophe Monin
photo of Christophe Monin

The greatest challenge in this project was not just to succeed in providing technical solutions, i.e. developing fixtures that would produce the anticipated result, but also integrating with this historical monument that is the Louvre in a form where the architects responsible for the Museum's aesthetic appearance would be satisfied, not only with the lighting quality but with its unobtrusive character during the day. Essentially, the lighting fixtures needed to be almost invisible when not illuminating. Toshiba passed this performance test in every sense and gave us an outstanding result that superbly showcases these historical monuments.
During illumination tests of the LED products designed and manufactured by Toshiba I was impressed with their respect of the Louvre's particular architectural qualities and their exceptional ability to illuminate in such a way that throws fine details into sharp relief. I was also impressed by the engineers' flexibility and ability to adapt to varying situations and requirements for specific lighting intensities from the architects responsible for this historical monument.
During the illumination tests we were able to discover new aspects of these monuments thanks to this type of lighting which respects architectural style. Certain details only emerge at night under subtle lighting and this has brought about a true rediscovery of the architectural details of the Louvre's façade.
This project has generated some valuable results. The high standard of illumination achieved will remain for a very long time, standing as a testament to Toshiba's technology while fully respecting the grandeur of the Louvre Palace.

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the Mona Lisa / the Red Roomthe Mona Lisa / the Red Room

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the Mona Lisa

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