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Taking on the Challenge with Dedication and Discernment. Curator of Paintings department, the Louvre Museum Mr. Vincent DELIEUVIN
photo of Mr. Vincent DELIEUVIN

It goes without saying that the “Mona Lisa” is the most famous painting in the world, and the crowning work of Leonardo Da Vinci. As the curator that is in charge of Italian paintings and all works of art from the Renaissance, the “Mona Lisa” is truly something special, and everyone in our department takes meticulous care in issues that concern the “Mona Lisa”.
Therefore, I had very high hopes for how the “Mona Lisa” would change with the new Toshiba LED spotlight.

The “Mona Lisa” is a work of art that was painted in a masterful manner, but the varnish that was applied during restoration work hides the original colours of the painting, and gives it an overall dark tone. In addition, the many layers of paint that created three-dimensional space had become two-dimensional, making the painting appear flat. Lighting serves an extremely important role for the painting, and I am delighted to say that the new light has brought back three-dimensionality to Da Vinci’s masterpiece. The smile, movement and composition of the “Mona Lisa” can be seen much more clearly than before. Toshiba’s new light facilitates a better understanding of Da Vinci’s message hidden underneath the top coating. From the perspective that renovation of the lighting made it easier to accurately understand the painting while achieving harmony with preservation of the painting, I think that this project was a huge success.

There was one thing that was particularly impressive during this new lighting project. This consisted of the unmatched passion and sensitivity of the project team that was comprised of people from Toshiba and the Louvre Museum in pursuing the objective of improving illumination of this masterpiece. Repeated illumination tests were conducted to pursue virtually all possibilities in a prudent approach, and this resulted in the achievement of illumination that highlights the best features of the painting. Their tireless efforts and teamwork has given the “Mona Lisa” an exuberant shine. The lighting enables the exuberance that Da Vinci used in his masterful painting technique in the “Mona Lisa” to be rediscovered. I think that their can-do attitude during this project deserves great praise, and can say that I am very impressed.

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