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TOSHIBA infrared halogen heater lamps are powerful heat sources comprising a finely coiled tungsten filament surrounded by high-purity tubular quartz glass and a kind of halogen gas-filled lamp. Halogen cycle ensures constant infrared efficiency all the lifetime with preventing the quartz glass tube from blackening. TOSHIBA infrared halogen heater lamps match to numerous kinds of industrial process with benefits of instant & contact-less heat, clean, odorless, compact, high-power, and long-life.

TOSHIBA PULSAR emitters, HYBRID infrared, are the fast response short & medium wave infrared heater and can be switched on and off within few seconds, converting more than 85% of input power into infrared heat to meet the voice of professional users.
The HYBRID infrared is particularly matched to drying process for surface and/or thin materials in plastics, textile, automotive, printing industry and numerous industrial processes.

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