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TOSHIBA new MAGIC-FIT is the best connector to fix infrared halogen emitters for whatever application. This connector is wireless and fast, simple and smart to fix infrared emitters when assembled and replaced.
If you still adopt complex wiring system with infrared halogen emitters in your module, not only you need time for assembly the heating system, but also your clients may face:

  • Losing time to replace infrared emitters
  • Losing time to restart production

and you know well, time is money.
TOSHIBA new MAGIC-FIT can easily fix infrared halogen emitters, this brings benefits to both of you and your client:

Benefits :

  • Saving time to replace
  • Saving maintenance time (Maximizing production throughput)
  • Saving maintenance cost
  • Saving labor cost
  • Saving assembly time (OEM & set maker)
  • Wireless (on emitter)
  • Reliable & safe
  • High performance matching to heavy-duty industrial process.
  • Simple & compact

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