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Company Outline

Name : Harison Toshiba Lighting (U.S.A.), Inc.


+1 248-737-9822
+1 248-737-9823

Main Products

Harison Toshiba Lighting is an automotive OEM light source supplier, specializing in exterior lighting, that manufactures and sells automotive LED products, such as LED bulbs (socket-type LED lighting) and a wide variety of miniature incandescent lamps.

Toshiba's automotive LED products include LR4B, LR5B, LW5B, LY5B, L1B and T10-type LED bulbs.

Toshiba's incandescent lamps for automotive applications include a wide variety of T10, T15 and T20 bulbs. Some of the main products in this category are W5W, W21/5W, 7443, 7444NA, W16W, 194, 168, W21W, 7440 and WY21W.

Toshiba's infrared halogen heater lamps match to numerous kinds of industrial process with benefits of instant & contact-less heat, clean, odorless, compact, high-power, and long-life.

Quality Control Policy

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