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Infrared Halogen Heater


Our Division INFRARED Halogen heater is a kind of infrared light source, emitting infrared short wave rays efficiently from a compact tubular body.
We can provide with custom design which correspond with customer's request.


1) Dependable infrared heat source
Long life and high reliability are achieved thanks to the regenerative halogen cycle inside the quartz tube.

2) Quick to start, Easy to control infrared emission rate
Infrared heating process starts within one second after plugging into a power source. And, infrared emission rate can be controlled simply with a transformer.

3) Efficient to heat
Slim body makes shorter thermal conduction path to the target object, achieving better efficiency.

4) Easy to build up a heat source array
By laying plural halogen heaters, it is easy to make a high capacity infrared heat source. And, focused infrared rays can be generated with a simple reflector system.

5) Clean and odor-free heat source
No risk of contamination over environment or target objects.



1)Plastics thermoforming in molding process
2)Paint curing
3)Zone heating for both outdoor and indoor usage
4)Semiconductor manufacturing process
5)Moisture control / Coat Drying in paper production process
6)Food warmer
7)Drying, curing, pre-heating in various kinds of industry process

Halogen Heater Structure

Halogen Heater Structure

Quartz Tube

1) Quartz Tube
To produce extremely concentrated thermal field, heaters with ceramic reflective films are available as JHC types.
For an application that demands more reddish light, a heater made with ruby color quartz tube "JHL type" is the best choice. It has also an anti-dazzling effect.

Clear quartz tube: JHS
Clear quartz
tube: JHS

With ZCoated reflector: JHC
With ZCoated
reflector: JHC

Ruby color quartz tube: JHL
Ruby color quartz
tube: JHL

2) Base Type

Box holder: B
Box holder
: B

Box holder (Flexible Type) : Bf
Box holder
(Flexible Type): Bf

Metal Clip: J
Metal Clip
: J

Wire Harness: T
Wire Harness
: T

Small cylindrical holder: N
Small cylindrical
holder: N

Cylindrical holder: Gw
Cylindrical holder:Gw

Cylindrical holder with Fasten: Gs
Cylindrical holder with Fasten: Gs

Cylindrical holder with Fasten: Gs
Cylindrical holder with Fasten: Gs

(Request freely other specifications including customer specific designs.)

Dimpled tube for universal position

Dimpled tube
for universal position

3) Burning Position
Horizontal position is the basic use. For universal positioning, dimpled tube option is available.

Notification for Safety


1) Do not touch a halogen heater just after cutting off its power supply.
Temperature of a halogen heater surface can exceed 600 during its operation.


1) Do not touch halogen heater quartz body with bare hands.
Quartz tube material can be deteriorated by salt to lose mechanical strength.
Sweat or finger print contain salt components, have unfavorable influence on quartz tubes.

2) The application design -- lamp voltage, thermal environment, reflector system etc -- must prevent excessive temperature on lamp surface, which may inflate or bend at over 900.
And, Design the application so that the temperature of a lamp sealing part not to exceed 300℃.
Excessive temperature at this part, often caused by a reflector structure or coverings etc, may destroy conductive film in the sealing part.

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