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ECE approved Socket-type LED

Standardized Socket LED for Automotive Exterior Light Source Applications

Instrument image

  • PCB-type LED lighting units are designed specifically for each automotive program, and therefore the PCB designs vary from model to model.
  • Socket LEDs are standardized designs, and therefore facilitate easier design, and shortened development and evaluation timelines.
  • There are a wide variety of socket LED solutions, including rear combination, turn signal, rear and front fog, reverse light and DRL applications.
  • Compact light sources with high brightness support for flexibility in design and reduced weight.
  • Simple and robust design, runs on battery current, with no need for DC/DC converter.
  • Standardized socket LEDs facilitate shorter design and evaluation time, resulting in lower overall development costs.
  • As shown in the pictures below, socket LEDs are easily integrated into a variety of lighting designs.
  • Toshiba socket LED products are already being used is numerous current automotive applications, and the company is also increasing ECE-type lineup.
Instrument image

Feature and Advantage

Compact and Light weight
LED chips, circuit and socket are integrated into a highly efficient "all in one" LED light source.

ECE approved products
ECE-R128 approved products are listed. Standardized LED allows for shorter development and evaluation time.

Minimize inventory
Standardized socket LED products eliminate the need for model-specific lighting solutions, thereby reducing total inventory, including service parts inventory.

Luminous flux variation reduction
To reduce luminous flux variation, Constant current circuit adjusted for each product resister.

Stabil luminous output
LR5B, LW5B, LY5B, L1B/6 : Less than 10% luminous flux variation in actual vehicle usage.

Simple assembly
Optimize your assembly process with "twist lock" socket design, similar to incandescent bulbs.

Production Line Up

Instrument image Instrument image Instrument image Instrument image Under development
Over all size (mm) Φ33x32 Φ37x32 Φ37x32 Φ33x32 Φ37x32
Weight (g) 16 20 21 17 21
Luminous Flux (lm) Tail:6
120 180 280 440
Lm maintenance 1min / 30min 83% 92% 90% 95% 90%
Wattage (W) Tail:0.44
2.7 3.2 5.4 5.7
ECE No. E4 0A05 E4 0B07 E4 0016 E4 0004 -
  LW5B LW6B L1B/6  
Instrument image Under development Instrument image
Over all size (mm) Φ33x32 Φ37x32 Φ33x32
Weight (g) 17 21 17
Luminous Flux (lm) 350 550 355
Lm maintenance 1min / 30min 95% 90% 95%
Wattage (W) 3.8 4.4 3.6
ECE No. E4 0003 - E4 0015

Toshiba’s LED bulbs for automotive applications are ECE-certified products that facilitate a wide variety of designs while maintaining the same ease of use as traditional automotive light bulbs.

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