Patterned Light LED Unit

Patterned Light LED Unit

This patterned irradiation technology is offering not only safety and convenience but also excellent designing capabilities for various applications including automotive interior & exterior lighting.


  • Various shapes, patterns, characters, and flashing dynamism are available by single- or multiple-unit layout.
  • When applied to room lights, it focuses on the necessary area, reduces glare, and minimizes window reflections.
  • When applied to doorstep illumination, it gives us safety, convenience and funs with various pattern designs.


  • Colors: White, blue, green, red and others
  • Irradiation shape: Arbitrary shapes, characters and drawing patterns
  • Unit size: 25 x 25 x 40mm
  • Distance: 50 - 1,500mm
  • Integrating multiple units in a single design
  • Flash control circuitry design is optional.

Comparison between this product and the conventional one

Comparison between this product and the conventional one

Examples of automotive

Examples of automotive applications

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