Socket-type LED

Automotive LED Light Source Stop/Tail

Instrument image

Instrument image

Same simple usage with incandescent bulbs, Compact LEDs with availability of diverse designs.

Compact and Lightweight
LED chips, circuit and socket are integrated high efficient "all in one" LED light source.

Luminous Flux Variation Reduction
Current is adjusted for each product to reduce luminous flux variation.

Easy Mounting
Optimize your assembly process with "twist lock" socket design similar as incandescent bulb.

High Quality and Low Cost
High Quality and low cost are realized by our automation process from assembly to final inspection.

Optimization of light source design
Reduces the design, development and assessment period by standardizing light source.

Rated voltage 13.5VDC
Operating voltage 9 to 16VDC
Operating temperature -40 to 85℃
Total luminous flux Stop 83lm, Tail 7lm
Color Red(ECE/SAE RED)
Light emitting area Φ4.9mm
Power consumption Stop 1.8W, Tail 0.5W
Life Stop/Min 5,000hrs(B3L70)
Tail/Min 10,000hrs(B3L70)
Dimensions Φ37.0mm×32.0mm
Mounting diameter Φ26.0mm
Connector YAZAKI RH, 7283-8852-30(3pin)

Optical Characteristics


Input Voltage - Relative Luminous Flux


Wavelength - Relative Intensity(at 13.5V)


Lighting Time - Relative Luminous Flux(at 13.5V)


Typical Polar Radiation Pattern(at 13.5V)

Recommended application hole dimension


Lamp Installation and Lighting Examples


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